Lirik Lagu Beyonce - Si Yo Fuera Un Chico

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Si yo fuera un chico,
sólo por una vez
yo me vestiría como quiero,
con lo que vea primero y me voy.
Saldría a buscar
chicas por montón
mis amigos que son leales
siempre van a acompañarme hasta el fin
cada noche a mentir.

Si yo fuera un chico
sé que podría saber
comprender mucho mejor
lo que es amar a una mujer
sabría escuchar
pues conozco el dolor
de perder a quien se quiere
porque ignoras lo que tienes
y quedas sin saber que pasó

Si yo fuera un chico
pero ves no lo soy
los chicos son de un molde
y nosotras somos de corazón
se piensan que son
los del sexo superior
pero cuando lo queremos
nos vence nuestra seducción


Es muy tarde ya ves para regresar
perdonarte otra vez ya no lo vas a lograr
el lugar que ocupabas tú, ya no está más.

Pero eres un chico
que le vas a hacer
no puedes comprender
que se siente al comprender mejor
y amar en serio a una mujer
No sabes escuchar
no te importa el dolor
hasta que pierdes a quien quieres
porque ignoras lo que tienes
y quedas sin saber que pasó

Pero eres un chico.

Lirik Lagu Beyonce - Save The Hero

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I lay alone awake at night Sorrow fills my eyes But I'm not strong enough to cry Despite of my disguise I'm left with no shoulder But everybody wants to lean on me. I guess I'm their soldier. Well, who's gonna be mine [Chorus:] Who's there to save the hero When she's left all alone And she's crying out for help. Who's there to save the hero Who's there to save the girl... After... [Baca selengkapnya]

Lirik Lagu Beyonce - That's Why You're Beautiful

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Diamonds used to be coal Look young cause they got soul That's why they're beautiful And my heart used to be cold 'Til your hands laid on my soul Baby, that's why you're beautiful I'm not wondering why.... The sky's blue; that's not my business All I know is I.... Look up and tell myself "Be patient, love...that could be us..." Lovers used to make love And die just to give us Their... [Baca selengkapnya]

Lirik Lagu Beyonce - Satellites

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Satellites Flashing by..... It's a beautiful state were in But, how can we love in isolation? Think how happy we can be when we just try We're nothing like we seem Passionate words are never spoken You don't know how I bleed when I leave your side In your eyes, love's alive I've come untied 'cause we're flashing by Like satellites Satellites...... Take all the rules away How can we live if we... [Baca selengkapnya]

Lirik Lagu Beyonce - Smash Into You

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Head down As I watch my feet take turns hitting the ground Eyes shut I find myself in love racing the Earth And I'm soaked in your love And love was right in my path, in my grasp And me and you belong I wanna run (run) Smash into you I wanna run (run) And smash into you Ears closed What I hear no one else has to know Cause' I know That what... [Baca selengkapnya]

Lirik Lagu Beyonce - Ave Maria

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She was lost in so many different ways Out in the darkness with no guide. I know the cost of a losing hand Never thought that grace of God, oh I... I found heaven on earth You are my last, my first And then I hear this voice inside... Ave Maria I've been alone when I'm surrounded by friends How could the silence be so loud? But I still go... [Baca selengkapnya]

Lirik Lagu Beyonce - Broken-Hearted Girl

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You're everything I thought you never were And nothing like I thought you could have been But still you live inside of me, So tell me how is that? You're the only one I wish I could forget The only one I love to not forgive And though you break my heart, You're the only one And though there are times when I hate you 'Cause I can't erase The... [Baca selengkapnya]

Lirik Lagu Beyonce - Disappear

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If I begged and if I cried Would it change the sky tonight? Would it give me some light? Should I wait for you to call? Is there any hope at all? Are you drifting by... When I think about it I know that I was never there or even cared The more I think about it The less that I was able to share with you I try to... [Baca selengkapnya]

Lirik Lagu Beyonce - Halo

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Remember those walls I built? Well, baby they're tumbling down And they didn't even put up a fight They didn't even make a sound I found a way to let you in But, I never really had a doubt Standing in the light of your halo I got my angel now It's like I've been awakened Every rule I had you breakin' It's the risk that I'm taking I ain't never... [Baca selengkapnya]

Lirik Lagu Beyonce - If I Were A Boy

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[Verse] If I were a boy Even just for a day I’d roll outta bed in the morning And throw on what I wanted and go Drink beer with the guys And chase after girls I’d kick it with who I wanted And I’d never get confronted for it. 'Cause they’d stick up for me. [Chorus] If I were a boy I think I could understand How it feels to love a girl I... [Baca selengkapnya]